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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Investments are important.  But they are only a means to an end.  Goal based-planning allows us to put things into perspective, and determine if we are on the right track, or taking too much or too little risk.  At Kagan Cocozza, we use a dynamic web-based planning tool that allows you to integrate all your assets real-time, whether we manage them or not, and give you a constantly updating snapshot of your likelihood of success in meeting your stated goals.

Wealth Management

Wealth management is about more than investments.  And while financial planning helps give us a roadmap for attaining goals, wealth management is the process of ensuring your overall financial health and readiness.  Partnering with your existing legal and tax advisors, Kagan Cocozza can work with you to see that your assets are properly structured to maximize your wealth while minimizing your risk and tax burden.

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Market Analysis

Portfolio Management

We create portfolios with three primary goals in mind.  Control risk, reduce expenses, and minimize taxes.  We do this through asset allocation, security/product selection, portfolio construction and risk management methods.  We believe that part of what has gotten the industry and investors in trouble is the over reliance on exciting sounding alternative investments or the latest hot stock.  Our role is to remove emotion, stick with what has worked, and take advantage of long term growth rates.

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